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Tips for Maintaining Your Carpet

April 19, 2021

Home carpeting can get dirty easily, leaving you with residue spots and unsightly stains. To avoid these problems, all you need to do is work on a carpet cleaning routine, which will leave the softest and most comfortable part of your home looking fabulous. Below are a few upkeep and maintenance tips to get you started.

The Day to Day

While it may seem daunting, there are a few day-to-day maintenance and upkeep steps that you can keep to reduce the long-term damage to your carpet. On a daily basis, you should consider removing any dirt or grime that has found its way to your carpeting. In addition, if your carpet has been damaged by a stain on a particular day, then crack out the carpet clean and pat it out. By addressing a stain immediately, you can avoid long-term damage and reduce the chance that your carpet is going to be affected by a permanent spot.

The Weekly Steps

The upkeep and maintenance steps that you should take on a weekly basis are pretty easy and consist of simple things like rotating your furniture and mitigating the amount of sunlight that directly hits your carpet. By rotating the furniture, you can give your carpet a rest. In addition, by reducing the amount of sunlight that directly rests upon your carpet, you can avoid discoloration, dryness, and sun damage. Finally, if you haven’t already, you should place glides under your furniture. The glides will prevent the heavy furniture from putting pressure on your carpet and damaging the plushness.

The Professional Cleaning

If you maintain your carpeting well over the year, then you may only need a professional cleaning once a year. A professional cleaning will be able to remove those stains that you’ve had difficulty getting out. In addition, a professional cleaning service will be able to freshen the carpeting, remove any dirt and grime that your vacuum missed, and it will also be able to remove the tough pet hair that found its way into your carpet’s fibers. Through a yearly professional cleaning, you’ll have carpeting that looks just as it did the day that you bought it.

Keeping Your Carpet Soft

One of the main concerns that most homeowners have is carpeting that is rough and itchy. Instead of opting for carpeting that isn’t as fresh and neat as the day you bought it, there are a few simple things that you can do to help your carpeting maintain its softness. The main steps to take are to avoid vacuum devices that use sealed suction and to also choose a device that has large wheels. This will enable your o move your vacuum over the carpeting easily, thus preventing your carpet from getting pushed down and damaged.

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